Davide Santini is the founder of the Deltacut project and a major TouchDesigner developer.

His strong scientific background and his attention to the art world grant him an innovative approach to design and development of technical systems and infrastructures.

Teaching, collaborating with many artists and developers, writing and translating manuals, he is pivotal in the European community for TouchDesigner, the leading interactive development platform for visual arts.

Based in Milan but teaching and deploying projects around the globe, he has experience with important brands and Universities.



Focused on real-time, generative and interactive experiences, we can develop custom software and hardware frameworks ideal for the story you want to tell. Our high performance solutions are mainly based on TouchDesigner, but we extensively use Max MSP, Python, MATLAB, Processing and many other coding environments. We also collaborate with a comprehensive network of artists and developers for any custom request.


Audience feedback and artistic contents always remain at the heart of our work, and technology is the tool we choose to use to incorporate them into experiences. Users interactions with the digital elements create new immersive realities and reactions. We can design solutions around your ideas and boost the narrative impact of performances and installations.


We love working with incredible partners who innovate and always try to evolve. Consulting is tailored to our clients’ needs, including technical specifications and project feasibility studies. Our educational programs are very specific to our students’ needs and time-frames, ranging from single topic courses up to complete staff formation. Teaching online and in many TouchDesigner workshops, writing and translating manuals, we play a key-role in the European community.


Deltacut is also a music project. Working in the field for almost 15 years, both as musicians and music producers, we have published studio albums, live recordings, singles, soundtracks and music videos. Many of our works, either as solo artists, collaborating with other performers or as guests in different projects, are available on streaming platforms. We also work on commission for live events and studio productions.