ACS Dobfar Technicolor

Davide Santini Deltacut
Davide Santini Deltacut
Davide Santini Deltacut

In November 2019 I was asked to bring life to the many different screens at the ACS Dobfar Technicolor event: a project with the artist Angel Toren for the 46th anniversary of the pharma-chemical company ACS Dobfar.


Two environments, the first extremely saturated with color, the second totally white.
More than 2.5 quintals of paint and more than 350 hours of work were needed to create the flooring of the color environment alone, curated by Spanish artist Angel Toren who created a 450sqm floor work.

In the first environment, to the notes of Paint it Black played live by the Winstons, a monochromatic aperitif was served, and while guests visited mini art installations present, the lights would gradually dim, recreating the semi-dark atmosphere necessary to be able to experience the illusion that would involve them from there.


Many small screens were placed around the environment, each of them with different contents, all managed real-time.


The second room, connected to the color room by two mirror tunnels, has been made completely white. The entire dinner set up involved a meticulous set up, for which plates and decorations in a wide variety of shapes, invoices and materials were used, with the one constant being entirely white.

The three-course concert dinner brought the three colors of technicolor to the room. A technical set up made of 150 spotlights perfected the color illusion; music, played entirely live, accompanied this journey, with performances from musicians such as Morgan, Enrico Gabrielli, Dellera and DanySol.


Over the main stage, a cylindrical ledwall hosted many themed animations, all in real-time.