Bulgari Mediterranea

Embodying the eclectic spirit of the Mediterranea High Jewelry and High-End Watches collection, Bulgari decided to host its 2023 brand event in Venice, a Mediterranean cultural crossroads that over the centuries has served as a privileged stage for countless encounters and exchanges.
Exploring its unique creativity and outstanding craftsmanship, the brand wanted to create an emotional Journey to unveil the secrets of Mediterranea.

To achieve this, in collaboration with Mirror Digital Agency, we conceived Crafting Magnificence.

The experience starts with three fascinating 3D explorable “windows” facing the Mediterranean Sea, digitally created by the Italian visual artist Giuseppe Lo Schiavo, with the most significant resolution ever created: 50000×50000 pixels.
Each windiw consists of a digital artwork inspired by a jewellery piece included in Maison’s newly launched Mediterranea High Jewelry collection, activated by motions sensors hidden in the room.

Inspired by the captivating world of precious gems found in nature, they have the opportunity to co-create their own unique digital artwork: a ‘Mediterranean’ landscape. Guided by the expertise of the brand and assisted by generative artificial intelligence, guests infuse their emotions and thoughts into the creative process, resulting in a truly personal masterpiece.

The next part of the experience consists of a pioneering co-creation moment where guest’s emotions, captured by a wearable device, are combined with Bulgari’s exceptional craftsmanship to create a one-of-a-kind personal masterpiece inspired by the Mediterranea collection, using a cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence.

The guests wear an EEG device, to collect in real time their brainwaves and heartbeats. These data and the imaginative world of Mediterranea guide a generative artificial intelligence to craft a unique artwork, which gets revealed on screen, as well as sent via email.