Equilibri - Immersive Room

Davide Santini Deltacut
Davide Santini Deltacut
Davide Santini Deltacut
Davide Santini Deltacut

In December 2021 I created an immersive interactive room in Palermo, as part of the “Equilibri” exhibition, in the contemporary art museum of Palazzo Riso in Palermo.

Sponsored by the Unione Italiana dei Ciechi e degli Ipovedenti (Italian Union of Blind and Partially Sighted People), from an idea of Tiziana Battaglia, and with the help of Francesco Catania, I created an immersive room inspired by the crazy and heroic act of Philippe Petit, who in 1974 walked on a rope suspended between the Twin Towers.
Four walls and the floor were completely projection-mapped to give the illusion of being suspended on top of a city, and walking from one door to the other activated dynamic interactive visuals, quadrophonic sounds, and fans, to amplify the vertigo sensations of the users.

Get in touch with anxieties and fears, awe and wonder, feeling part of something much larger and experiencing the thrill of feeling free in the void.

Inside the immersive room, the visitor lets go of an emotional experience in relation to the concept of balance.

A play of mirrors, reflections and lights takes the viewer to a distant world, suspended on a catwalk overlooking infinity. The idea is really to be at the center of the universe, far from anything but one’s own emotions. And everyone, able-bodied and disabled, without differences or barriers, can access the multisensory path.