Ever.ravE preview

In February 2023, I officially undertook my position as head of technology at Iadema Studio.


Our first project as a studio, Ever.ravE, was presented in Turin at the 9th edition of the International Music Film Festival SEEYOUSOUND.


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Ever.ravE is an extended multimedia performance, featuring multichannel sound diffusion, live electronics, multiple video projections, lights, phosphorescent metal sculptures, and a single performer who works with multidimensionality, immersive and ergodic narration, and artificial intelligence.


It is a journey between human consciousness and the subconscious in relation to the digital reality that reflects its premises, dark sides, and contradictions. It is not about what we see, but rather about the hidden relationships that occur between the elements.


More specifically, it explores the dream as a phenomenon of fluid exchange between the phenomenological world, memory, imagination, and absurdity, slowly constructing a hyperreality. The stage becomes a metaphor for the human mind – a space and a transposition of a mental projection.


The human merges with algorithms and artificial intelligence, thus creating a hybrid scenario that becomes an extension of the individual and their natural evolution. The algorithm is understood here as an agent, subject to diffractive reading and connected to the broader concept of new materialism.


The human appears as a transfiguration of a digital entity, exploring the idea of machine emotion, which acts on the human subconscious. At the same time, humans empathize with the machine, adding an additional layer of interpretation to their relationship. Inspired by cubism, instead of having a single perspective, subjects and backgrounds are broken down, abstracted, and represented from multiple points of view.


The dramaturgy of the performance is conceived as a transitional process divided into four main events:


– the initialization of a video game through the loading of memories
– the staging of a dream as a plot generated by artificial intelligence
– the transitional moment in which the digital becomes concrete, transforming into the actual agent of the performance
– the conclusion in the form of a rave party, as a materialized experience of collective dreaming.


The project was here presented in its audiovisual version, as a preview of the official, full-fledged performance that will take place at the Klang Festival Copenhagen in June 2023.