La Divina Commedia

Davide Santini Deltacut
Davide Santini Deltacut

In the summer of 2019, I was asked to join Andrea Spontoni as an interaction designer for La Divina Commedia: Dante’s Inferno.


This was a dance show from the choreographer Lucrezia Lui, performed by the Convivium Musarum Ballet company, performed near Mantova.


Together with Andrea, I designed some digitally augmented scenography, focusing on various elements from the famous Italian poem; particularly the landscapes from hell and the emerging of Dante from the depths back to see the stars.


These elements were then integrated with depth sensors that allowed us to track the dancers’ movements on stage, and translate them into real-time modifications to the background elements, making the scenography a living part of the play.


The project received good reviews from the critics and, even if they got my name wrong, some press coverage (in Italian):

Davide Santini Deltacut