Tiny/Massive Festival

Deltacut TinyMassive Drum Machine (Bus Recording)
Deltacut TinyMassive Drum Machine (No Audio)
Deltacut TinyMassive Drum Machine Presentation

During the Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival, I was invited to illuminate the Harpa concert hall and to take part in the Tiny/Massive Festival, a three-days event series that took place in Reykjavik (Iceland) in February 2019.





Nordic Audiovisual Artists presents Tiny/Massive. A series of architectural interventions where monumental structures are transformed into a creative canvas of light.


The project I created was a Drum Machine: a huge music sequencer that uses Harpa Concert Hall as a projection screen. Fully programmed in TouchDesigner, it allows the audience to easily interact with it.


Skilled musicians can use it to create rhythms and songs, while everyone can have fun writing names or drawing things, seeing it projected and hearing it “translated” into music. You can play/stop the audio, choose what instrument to play every 16th note, set the speed and have an animated background displayed, controlling everything with a simple tablet.


Click on the images to see some videos of the installation.